Dreaming…believing and achieving

Mental health can most certainly take away opportunities and steal your daily life right from the palms of your hands. Not only that, but unfortunately it can break friendships and end relationships, or cause your self-esteem to fly so low that your too afraid to make new friends or make a new relationship. Although its so difficult to give advice when you are still learning yourself, I believe just throwing and collecting as much advice and help possible will make a terrific difference to your happiness, coping and self-esteem with patience.

For me the most important and successful piece of advice I have used and learnt…hobbies. Usually with mental illnesses you can feel useless and worthless. like you have no control of the situation whatsoever. However when you find a hobby, a passion you feel you have a purpose. I feel in control and that I am achieving something. For example I love to sing and without boasting I feel rather good at it. I write my own songs and put as much emotion in as possible, in fact in some ways singing is my crying and joy all at once. When I sing, each word is of great importance and feel something more than just emptiness, in fact I feel a thrive, like I am going somewhere.  Because you see some sing for popularity or fame or simply because it’s ‘trendy’, however I sing because it keeps me alive.   There are plenty of hobbies out there and whether you are good at them or not, if they help then I say go for it. Some other hobbies and things to do when your illness is bad include……


-blogging 🙂







-other excersize


and more…

I hope my blog is helping some of you out there and I wish you all the best. Hope to  write again soon xxx