Suicide and Self-Harm

Hello whatever wonderful person is reading this and welcome to my fourth post on this blog. Now the subject I am about to address is a touchy one. But it’s also rarely spoken about. I suppose people believe it’s disrespectful to talk about Suicide and Self-harm or maybe even a curse. In my point of view some people treat this theme like monsters in the shadows, whispers in the wind. But we mustn’t be afraid, we must be strong, despite how difficult the subject is. But do we not owe it to the victims to share something of so much importance.

I am a survivor like many people out there. And I know, I know what its like to be there. You ask yourself why is it so easy to jump but so hard to keep fighting. It takes ten times more effort and time to put yourself together than it does to fall apart. I have tried before, I always want to but deep down something is saying no.

Its okay not to be okay, but don’t let this be your final day.  You have so much worth, more than you will ever know. But what will this do, it won’t end your pain, but instead pass it to somebody else. Suicide…wanting to die, does in no way make you weak. You want to go home to the angels, but you shall see them one day. What I always tell myself is to take it one day at a time. To find reasons to keep going and I find writing a list shows that there are so many.

There is a quote, I believe it says ‘ people who have committed suicide aren’t weak, they were just strong for too long’ and another which is from Hebrews 6:19 in the bible. It says something along the lines of   ‘Hope is the Anchor of the soul’. So those out there struggling, wanting to end it all, have hope because it can’t storm forever.

The next and final subject of todays post is Self-Harm. I cut for a long time, I still do on occasions and although it doesn’t take away the pain it is a relieve (I find anyway). Personally, and although I don’t suggest this particular coping method, don’t think its necessarily always a bad thing. If you are careful, clean and always have help near by, I think if it helps you than that’s okay. You mustn’t be ashamed, its normal to do things to cope like that and you are not alone. However you shouldn’t cut near the veins.

You are so brave and strong to all of you out there. I believe in you so much and I know you will get through this one day. You are not worthless as you are worth something to me and lots of others. I hope my posts have been helping, bye for now xx


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