Labels…first advice

Hello everyone, I do hope you are doing well and welcome to my first piece of advice. Before I begin it would mean trillions if you let me know if you like my advice and blog so far, and if not I am always eager to improve…

When you begin to hear the name of your illness all the time, it can become exhausting, but you also begin to see them as your labels. Perhaps you don’t even realise you are identifying yourself as your disorder. For example… “You are not depression, anxiety, bipolar, nor your personality disorder.” Because you see…you may have any of the above or something other, however that isn’t who you are. I know this because I know that you are something so much more.

I  watched a video a while ago, I believe it was made my an incredible motivational speaker known as ‘Prince EA’. All of his videos fascinate me, but it was one in particular which really made me think deeper. He said to imagine you are the sky. Hundreds of clouds pass through you, sometimes they are dark and other times lighter…but either way you are still the sky, the dark clouds can’t stay forever, but in the meanwhile you must remember that through all your dark clouds you are still the sky and you are still there.

A piece of advice I suggest is to rename your disorder, because lets be honest, we are all tired of feeling like we are being controlled and are tired of hearing it pop up in are daily lives. So starting now I would like you to name your disorder and show it that you are the owner. I call my depression…my dark cloud…and I call my anxiety…my raging tiger. Winston Churchill also used the same technique, for he called his depression…his black dog.

So lets rid off our labels and remember we are worth so much more than are illness. I really hope my advice helped somebody out there and feel free to comment what you named your mental disorder. Can’t wait to have more posts up for you soon. Stay strong xxx


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